BMORE Beautiful

BMORE Beautiful is a grassroots peer to peer beautification program. The goal of the program is to not only change behaviors and attitudes towards the beautification of the City but to encourage residents, businesses and organizations to become directly involved in activities and projects that will Keep Baltimore Beautiful…. block by block and neighborhood to neighborhood.

There are six elements essential to our approach: community organizing, seasonal community champions summits, community improvement projects, troubleshooting, communication, and education. 

For those new to the concept of BMORE Beautiful, the simplest way to BMORE Beautiful is to Take the Pledge!  When you pledge to BMORE Beautiful  you can receive:

  • A reusable bag
  • A Retractable Trash Grabber
  • Puncture Proof Gloves
  • Safety Vest
  • Educational and Outreach Materials

These simple tools will help you connect with neighbors and maintain the cleanliness of your block.

In addition to our Clean Kit, BMORE Beautiful offers a few grant opportunities to support community improvement projects. Currently, we are accepting applications for our Care-A-Lot and Activation This Space.  To learn more about Care-A-Lot and Activate This Space please vclick on the Resources tab. 

If you and your neighbors are interested in taking a more active role in the beautification of your neighborhood, consider becoming a Community Champion. Community  Champions are people who want to take a  dedicated leadership role in the beautification of their neighborhood. Community Champions encourage neighbors to sign the pledge, organize beautification projects, and play an active role in the continued growth of BMORE Beautiful. 

If you would like to learn more about BMORE Beautiful or you would like to "Take The Pledge" please email us at [email protected]