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BMORE Beautiful grant programs are designed to support community-based organizations to achieve their beautification goals. Applications for our grant programs are accepted on a seasonal basis. Interested organizations must be a registered 501c3 OR have a fiscal sponsor in order to apply.

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Care-A-Lot Grant Progam

Care-A-Lot Program is designed to support community-based organizations that have the capacity to mow and maintain vacant lots during the "Grow Season" which runs from April-October. Eligible organizations must be a registered 501c3 OR have a fiscal sponsor with a registered 501c3 designation. This program is not intended for landscaping, small haulers, and other small businesses.  The application is now closed. 

Love Your Block

BMORE Beautiful invites resident-led neighborhood groups to apply for the “Love Your Block” micro-grant. Love Your Block is a community engagement grant designed to support small projects that have a clear public benefit, the focus is on reducing litter while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. Interested residents, neighborhood groups, and community organizations are invited to submit project proposals for a micro-grant ranging between $500-$1500. The grant application window open now. The application is now closed.


Say YES! Grant Program

Say YES! (Youth Environmental Stewards) Program is a seasonal youth engagement program. Community-based organizations can apply for a grant to engage with up to 5 youth in their community on various beautification efforts.  Selected youth must live in the neighborhood where they are working. Supervision is provided by community leaders as a way to foster mentorship for the next generation of community leaders and activities. Grant is application is closed.