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A homeowner may have a lien on their property because of an outstanding environmental citation. Environmental citations are issued by seven other city agencies and can be challenged at the Environmental Control Board through a hearing, if timely requested. If you were issued a citation and did not request a hearing or pay the original fine within 30 days from the date the citation was issued, then default penalties were added to the citation, tripling the fine (up to a statutory maximum of $1,000).

If you have environmental citations that are included in your final bill and legal notice and you think that those liens were issued in error, you can visit the Environmental Control Board (ECB) for a review of your environmental liens. Only environmental liens will be reviewed by the ECB.

Review process:

The ECB will review citations included in the final bill and legal notice to determine if proper notice was given and to determine if the citation was legally issued. However, the ECB will not review the facts of the citation and will not offer hearings for citations that are included in the final bill and legal notice.

Environmental citations included on a final bill and legal notice will be reviewed by the ECB from February until April 17, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.. After that date, the ECB will no longer review citations included in the final bill and legal notice.

To have your citation review by the ECB you must complete the tax sale review form or write to the ECB and include any explanation and documentation available. The completed intake form or letter, along with any documentation, will be reviewed by a Hearing Officer who will determine whether there was an issue with notice or if the citation was issued to the wrong person/property. You will receive a letter from the ECB with the Hearing Officer’s decision which will be the final review by the agency.

The ECB is located at:

One N. Charles Street
13th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

For questions about the tax sale process, or if you are unable to come to the ECB to complete the intake process, please contact the ECB at:

Call: 410-396-6909 or

Email: [email protected]

To pay an environmental citation fine go here:

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